The Top 10 Android Statistics You Need To Know

The Top 10 Android Statistics You Need To Know

It's nearly two months back when Google added yet another Android Operating System (OS) in their kitty, announcing Android Oreo as the eighth version of Android OS. The new OS offers a gamut of never-seen-before features to the users giving them a pristine experience of its stunning operating speed. While, there's equal development occurring in the mobile industry with Apple making a headway in the mobile market by launching a range of lavish smartphones; iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, and iPhone X being the recent releases.

The other smartphone development companies too ain't falling behind. Besides developing cutting-edge smartphones, these companies are engrossed in Cross-platform and Hybrid mobile application development and experimenting with technologies to build enterprise mobility services. There's a huge competition amongst the mobile development companies with the dire need to be innovative to sustain in the race. However, if the statistics collected over the years are to be believed, the Android market is relatively huge compared to the iOS. Android is the widely used mobile OS on thousands of distinct devices including smartphones, watches, PDAs, tablets, television, cars, and many more.

So, here's a list of statistics we've compiled to give the marketers a peek through Android's dominance in the mobile OS, and it's ubiquity.

1. In the first quarter of 2017, 379.98 million Android devices were shipped worldwide as compared to 292.75 million units in the first quarter of 2016. Whereas, around 51.63 million iOS devices were sold in the first quarter of 2016, which witnessed a minor surge in the first quarter of 2017 with a sale of 51.99 million devices. The scenario is expected to hold onto the market at least until 2021.

2. In the same period, Google Play Store catered nearly 2.8 million apps while iOS hosted about 2.2 million apps.

3. By 2021, the revenue generated by consumer spending of Google Play Store is expected to be 78 billion dollars while the iOS will see a profit of 60 million dollars.

4. Roughly, one-third of the smartphone users still use Android Marshmallow with a minority segment of 6.6% users who've upgraded to Nougat.

5. The top three mobile app publishers in the US according to the total time spent on mobile apps are Google, Facebook, and Apple with 31%, 19%, and 8% shares respectively.

6. According to a post published by David Burke, Android's Vice President of Engineering, there're more than 2 billion active Android devices every month across the world which is over a quarter of the overall global population.

7. iOS is an isolated operating system which can run only on Apple devices. The Android OS gains an advantage here with its versatility of running on a number of diverse devices created by 1300 brands.

8. There are over 24000 different devices running Android, with the most popular one in the US being Samsung Galaxy S7 with 6.3% market share. The device is desired one amongst the Canadians also with 8.3% market share while in India, Samsung Galaxy J2 gains the top spot with a 6.2% market share.

9. Google Play Store made a substantial profit with 82 billion app downloads in the year 2016, seeing a sweeping rise in the numbers as compared to 65 billion app downloads in 2015.

10. Of the total revenue made by Google Play, 90% of it was generated by the consumer outlay on games. The incredible number does talk about the influence of the mobile game market.


With the soaring demand for futuristic mobile apps, the companies are vying for the top spot in the mobile market by enthralling the consumers with space-age Android and iOS applications. This way, the companies can connect to their existing and potential customers directly and obtain feedback for further improvement. As more apps are pitching in day by day, the mobile app development companies see this as an opportunity to capitalize on the mobile devices for company branding, service rendering, and expanding their stake in the market.

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