Using Enterprise Mobility to Boost Productivity in Your Business

Enterprise Mobility Services

The technological era has brought a drastic transition in the acceptance of smartphones and tablets in all the phase of our day to day life. Also, the increase in the number of mobile applications has drastically enhanced the workflow. People have been using their gadgets to increase the efficiency and boost productivity in the workplace. This makes it very clear that its high time businesses should understand the importance of mobile workforce and enterprise mobility services. The will further enable employees to use enterprise mobile apps which would help in making the workload easy and efficient for them.

Why accept the concept of Bring Your Device?

The Bring Your Device or BYOD has widened the opportunity for employees around the world. The increase in the number of mobile apps has opened new phenomenon. The concept is straightforward, allowing usage of mobile apps and tablets across various phase in the working environment proves to be more efficient and helps them perform their tasks subtly and cuts down on their time spent in specific functions into the half.

BYOD enables employees to save time and business get the advantage of saving money and resources. Bringing and using their device immediately eliminates the requirement for employees to come back to the office. They can directly go into the field carrying nothing but just their handheld devices. They can use smartphones or tablets armed with smart apps to enter their activities and tasks. Also, the business owners sitting in any corner of the world can get updates about their staff which are in the field.

Data Collection and Security

Using a mobile app to track the activities of your staff is useful in collecting essential data. When team updates the data using smartphones and apps all the data gets accumulated at a central location which is in the “cloud” this data can be used later to understand the on-going trend in the market or client behaviour and create a new strategy to pitch to the target audience. Using the apps lowers the risk of errors while entering the data as it is entirely digitized.

With cross-platform mobile app development, the apps come with various options. Business owners and managers get access to the digital data at multiple levels from the management point of view. With the assignment of rights and access restrictions only those who have the usernames and passwords can access the paperless forms hence the concern of data security is eliminated.

Paperless processes eliminate errors and empower your resources

This new paperless process has proved to be very useful in every phase of the business. This helps in eliminates the waste of time, money and resources. Business gets enough time to use their resources efficiently hence saving their money. The quick data entering process reduces the time wasting factor and eliminates the risk of errors and mistakes as the chances are higher when the task is done manually.

Using devices in the field also allows your resources to address to customer problem then and there, for instance, one of your field staff will be able to solve to the issue of the customer within no time if he has a working device with him. He can immediately take notes on the subject and if the situation permits he can address client problem in no time. Hence gives a feel-good factor to the customers and saves everyone’s time.

Moving enterprise mobility services to the next level

Sometime back your field staffs have to rush to the office to take up the new job orders and rush back to the site along with a paper form which has all the issues listed, and after attending to the site, they have to come back to the office to submit with the latest updates. This results in misplacing or damaging the paper forms and wastes the time of field staff in commuting from one place to another to submit the form.

With the smart apps your field staff is empowered to takes notes right in the app, take necessary actions immediately and once the job is addressed they can only submit their job orders correct through the app for the approval from the next level. This is just a matter of few minutes. The support from the higher authority can also be done immediately, and the agent can implement the recommended action and delight the customer with immediate resolution. All this tedious process can happen on a real-time basis.

Overall digital transformation and companywide mobility solutions

Enterprise mobility brings digital transformation to businesses and brings companywide mobility if the industry is spread in various locations.

Businesses look up to enterprise mobility as a source to increase productivity and revenue while reducing the costs. Though enterprise mobility seems to be a simple concept, however, it is not that easy to deploy as no single solution fits every company and their process. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”, business will have to undergo extensive customization to make the solutions work across all the hierarchical level.

Defining such a strategy needs a strong commitment from the business. There should be a clear understanding of the reasons to deploy such a platform, at the same time security aspects cannot be ignored as the data collected should be kept confidential.

Smart planning along with company policies

To make enterprise mobility a success, there should be intelligent planning along with strong policies for mobility, security, and communications. Enterprise mobility and collaboration are the key focus areas for organizations. From that outlook, it has turned essential for organizations to be in attendance where their stakeholders are. So, better accessibility is needed across numerous devices and platforms.

The Hybrid mobile application development plays a vital role in these scenarios wherein robust hybrid apps can assist you to reach your stakeholders across platforms swiftly without affecting the user experience.

Moving Forward

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