Key Trends in Software Development Industry for 2018 and Beyond

Software Development

The global technology advancements make it a mandatory job for us to stay updated with the latest trend as what might be perfect and trending today might be outdated tomorrow. So, “change is constant” and in fact keeping up with the on-going technological trend might be intimidating for a lot of software development companies to stay ahead of the competition. However, while predicting the potential can be a great relief to understand what will trend and what will not. You might be wondering what’s hot in the market or what’s trending in 2018 and what will continue beyond that?

Well, we are here to your rescue as our professional and dedicated developers in India have predicted the following key trends in the software development Industry for 2018 and beyond.

The Growing Adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of any development process. At this stage, you cannot afford to ignore the power of AI and how it impacts your business goals. Virtual Voice assistance, smartphones have already leveraged AI and have been doing wonders. This calls for a massive demand for data scientists and Chief Data Officers.

The introduction of AI and Machine Learning (ML) has been an integral part of businesses and has transformed the way how they operate. The introduction of AI has helped to digitize the customer experience, developed AI enabled products that have completely evolved the way businesses are being perceived and automating complex business processes.

To stay abreast of the on-going AI trend, you should hire dedicated developers from India and invest in web design solutions that are backed by AI.

Embracing Internet of Things (IoT)

Nowadays almost everything is operated through data be it a car, home appliances, smart offices and more. Everything can be operated remotely with a single tap. The devices integrated are termed as IoT collects data from almost all the tools to facilitate with smart living. In the year 2018 and beyond IoT will be playing a pivotal role hence enabling IoT based devices to give real-time analytics even when the connectivity is weak.

Cloud computing will always have an important role to play here as that will enable you to manage and help in getting analyzed the further insights from the data being collected.

The Rising Demand for Blockchain Developers

The rice of Bitcoins has made Blockchain a popular term. The blockchain is a technology which is capable of transforming every industry. In the year 2018 and beyond there will more disruption through business-class blockchain platforms. Last year witnessed a large number of blockchain platforms which were introduced by tech giants like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and many more are about to join the league for an enterprise level of blockchain dominance.

Companies operating in all the business verticals will start investing in app development on blockchain platform, and hence there will be a high demand for blockchain developers. Moreover, applications built over Blockchains have an efficient business process, though there are many challenges may come on the way. However, you cannot ignore this at all in the coming days.

The Need for Modernized Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of securing systems, programs and networks from digital attacks. These attacks are more often than not intended in the way in, altering, or tearing down confidential or sensitive information or suspending customary business procedures and processes. Implementing efficient cybersecurity measures is predominantly essential in the current scenario.

The year 2017 has already faced a lot of data security breaches on the web. This calls for a Cyber Security for businesses of all types be it private enterprise, government sector or a small organization. Data security has always been a concern for companies, and hence the need for Cyber Security will shoot up. To tackle this situation, both internal and external security is required.

By internal security, we mean focusing on creating security within the software. There should a system that detects vulnerabilities during the development phase itself so that the software doesn’t get impacted by any cyber hackers.

Though there is a vast demand for cybersecurity, there is a lack of availability and talent. Those professionals or companies who want to stay in demand in the coming years advanced or modernized cybersecurity software domain is a must to get trained on.

Virtual Reality will be in High Demand

VR headsets and systems have already created hype in the market. The days are not far when Virtual reality will become an integral part of the lives of the people. In the coming years, VR will be all the more reasonably priced and will be more comforting. The leading players in the market Facebook and HTC is in a great competition and will come up with much lighter solutions which will be affordable to attract new customers. More high-end spectacles will be coming in the year 2018 and beyond. VR was initially introduced for hard-core gamers however it will take a long time to support the entire VR ecosystem. The more games and storytelling takes place the more the demand for VR will elevate in the coming years which can be seen clearly in the current scenario.

Hence, it’s high time you outsource your idea to a software development company and introduce an entirely functional VR app in the near future.

Key Takeaways

Our software experts have tried to put down a few trends that you can focus on in the coming time. We are confident that these trends will stay in demand for a longer time and cannot be overlooked.

We present you a range of varied software services and products to assist playing around with advanced technologies that suit your organizational and business needs. So, if you are looking for all-inclusive software development project teams for highly tailored IT services look no further and hire our expert programmers at Prompt Softech.

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