8 Top Practices in Android App Development

Top Practices in Android App Development

Modernization in technology usually brings a variety of changes in our surrounding, and Android app development services is not an exception. Many exciting changes are happening in the mobile app development sector with the biggest hit being the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) apps. These types of innovative application projects are gaining momentum in the different marketplaces and mobile app stores.

Also, the apps powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the most popular, and the other high-end apps are competing to reach the nearest they could get. The recently released version of Android, i.e., Android 8.0 (Oreo) is an essential development which will make the updates and distribution natural and flawless. Here are some tips from Android app developers in India suggesting some top practices in Android App Development.

1) Provide Optimized User flow

The new rule of thumb says that apps need to be intuitive if you want it to work. Just delivering a beautiful app does not suffice anymore. The thing that is equally important is a fully functional app intuitively.
  • Systematically split the steps, and minimize confusion
  • Explain the information in detail
  • Optimize the navigation
  • Make the apparent options quite visible

2) Use of Kotline

Java has been the benchmark for developing Android applications. Kotlin, a new statically-typed language which can be operated on a Java Virtual Machine was displayed in 2011. In 2017, during Google I/O, Kotlin was again introduced but this time as the official language for Android App development. Kotlin has been used worldwide now for the development of Android Apps. The features of Kotline such as Null Safety, Lambda, and Date Classes make it trouble-free over other Java components.

The famous application owners who decided to use Kotlin includes photo-sharing social service site Pinterest, project management application Trello, note-taking app Evernote, Basecamp 3 – the app that helps startups manage their communications and Twidere for Twitter which is an open source material design Twitter browser, which turned ornamental to the Twitter user experience.

The leading education-based company Coursera even utilizes Kotline. Other favorite apps in the user list include Shadowsocks, Simple Calendar and KotlinConf App which is the official conference App for DroidKaigi 2018. Since the alternative is available and if your technology requirements match, you can surely switch to Kotlin. There is more about this technology and understanding about it in some free time is worthwhile.

3) Moving to MVVM Architecture

The MVVM architecture replicates the MVP pattern in certain aspects. Many companies are embracing MVVM architecture which is initially for the android app development. MVVM allows creating a more straightforward unit test because it is not dependent on the layer of the view.

The flow is very convenient, i.e., from Fragment to view model to the repository to a remote data source to SQLite. However, it is recommended to stick to one architecture until the end of the development process. You should not switch the architecture in the mid-way.

4) Thorough UI Testing

Android App developers in India are considering the involvement of UI designers, product managers and marketers in building the most user-friendly apps. The primary focus lies on the UI testing to understand if they are used at its best. This process makes you know what will work best and what will fail.

5)  Consider On-boarding for Swift Success

Android app development companies in India very well understand the importance and effectiveness of successful on-boarding. Onboarding is a significant process in setting users up for triumph with your app, as enhanced onboarding boosts the probability for your apps initial users turning to loyal users.

As per experts, poor onboarding is one of the factors for most of the apps not being able to be adopted by users. If your company owns an android app, you should consider the onboarding strategy; this will benefit in various ways like secure login and straightforward first-time sign-up.

6) App and Device Compatibility

When we talk about android, compatibility refers to two significant aspects, i.e., app and device compatibility. Android App developers need not worry about the device compatibility as only Android compatible devices including Google Play Store accepts the app. So, app developers are relieved from this issue.

7) How Permission Request Matters

Android already considers the privacy aspects as a foremost priority. Hence, the apps request permissions of specific features of your phone while installing. However, running services without asking for permission is a security breach. Make sure your smartphone requests for the minimum permission for the app to function correctly. Too many permission requests will turn off your end user, and he might uninstall the app.

8) Why Flawless Performance is an Accomplishment

The flawless performance of your app is nothing less than an achievement. We cannot deny the fact that there is thousands of app similar to your out in the Play store and there will be only one key factor that will drive users. As app developers, you should consider all the aspects right from the managing the memory usage of your app, to ensuring the optimal utilization and ultimately avoiding the unnecessary exploitation of the device.

Key Takeaways

By applying these above practices, you will surely go a long way in improving the app development acceptance amongst your apps target users. Prompt Softech is one of the leading custom software as well as android app Development Company in India with a global clientele. As a technology service provider, we offer to outsource software development services, IT solutions, and product development.

We cover all the facets of mobile app production and implementation with a whole cycle of software services. If you are in search of Android app developers in India or wish to hire a dedicated resource for creating your app, you can always consider us. We have brilliant resources who can address your complete requirement efficiently and comprehensively.

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