6 Effective Ways to Brings innovation and Improve Customer Experience

6 Effective Ways to Brings innovation and Improve Customer Experience

Those days are already gone when businesses used to control the way customers interact and get their services. Now customers thanks to the empowerment through technologies and devices remain informed and connected to the unparalleled level. So, customers are now in control of the business interactions and communications. Naturally, every business finds it competitive to service better.

Thanks to the overwhelming reach of technologies across all strata of society a level playing field among businesses of diverse sizes and market share has been established. Naturally, for every business niche, the competition has grown to an unprecedented level with a multitude of players battling for their share in the regional and global market. This competition alone made it absolutely necessary to push for higher customer engagement. Enhanced customer engagement has only been made possible by incorporating the latest and innovative technologies. From most sophisticated CRM software to enterprise mobile apps to making business presence across multiple channels to utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, there have been many effective ways to bring innovation to business and improve customer experience.

1. Customer Segmentation

Businesses need to define customers more than ever with an effective segmentation strategy. Based on the preferred communication and the customer expectations there can be various segments. When s business serves customers from different groups with specific attributes of preferences, a better and richer customer service can be ensured.

For instance, the millennial typically prefer all high tech and mobile friendly communication channels like text messaging, multimedia messaging, live chat, and social channels. They are also more likely to prefer self-service over traditional modes of services. Similarly, for people in their 60's may prefer more assisted service and can prefer high tech solutions less. Segmentation brings you the diversified approach to make your business serve customers as they prefer it.

2. Multi-channel presence

Being present across multiple channels is crucial to the success of your business. Various studies report that multi-channel presence ensures success for majority of companies. A recent survey report by the U.S. State of Multi-channel Customer Service Report stated that the companies that have a presence across various digital channels make up 89% of companies with a strong customer retention while just 33% of companies lacking such presence lack customer engagement tremendously.

3. Industrial IOT or IIOT

IOT or Internet of Things emerged as the most promising new tech horizon for businesses now. A Garter study recently forecasted that by the year 2020 more than 26 billion connected gadgets and devices will populate the world. Thanks to IOT led smart home gadgets our living space already become better places to stay. Now it turns for workplaces and industries.

From connected data driven lighting solutions with intuitive power saving capacities to connected computers to scale up the web ready solutions, IOT for workplace environments has come with a lot of promises. With the manufacturing sector and smart offices increasingly digging the connected solutions for better workplace efficiency and service, IIOT seems
to be the next horizon to bring innovation in businesses.

4. Big Data Analytics

The world we live in today is by and large ruled by digital data. Do you know all the data produced in the history of mankind until the very beginning of this millennium has already been surpassed by digital data with a wide margin? Data is growing at a staggering speed and accelerating in leaps and bounds. This volume of data speeding in growth has become the subject of analytics that can provide insights and predictions that no business analytics tool could ever produce. Big Data analytics today is a big bet for businesses to stay afloat with a competitive edge. Thanks to precise predictions and accurate data driven analytics businesses now are benefitted with decisions and proactive steps that garner results and profits.

5. Mobility for field professionals

The mobile devices alone changed the way field service professionals and sales force work for their brands. Smartphone flaunting mobile workforce today stay connected with the backend team allowing quick and real time counseling and solutions, fast-paced outcome, optimum efficiency and least misuse of the man-hours for field workforce. What does this amount for end customers? Well, the customers get quicker service and delivery, smooth and fast-paced address to their grievances and issues. With so much of efficiency, the mobile workforce also ensures much higher customer retention and loyalty than ever before.

6. VR and AR solutions

No, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are no longer just gaming technologies anymore. They are increasingly becoming part of business solutions. Thanks to these new simulated realities businesses now can provide more value to remote interactions. A customer sitting with an AR enabled retail app can have a different shopping experience blurring the division between digital and practical. Similarly, a VR app for real estate can allow a buyer to have a lively experience of roaming through a property while sitting hundreds of miles away glued to his desktop or mobile screen. These innovative and never before solutions changed the way customers interact with businesses and engage.

While just a bad shopping, browsing or transaction experience can make a customer decide negatively over a business, any business I stay afloat over the murky and uncertain tide of competition tries to make the customer experience better and memorable. Offering a good customer experience is just the standard thing to do as most businesses are trying to achieve. What is important is to deliver a standout and unique experience that make your brand identity and business create a lasting impression. Unique user experience along with sophisticated and easy to use interface make a business memorable to the customers and achieve a high retention rate.

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