Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2017

Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2017

Have you ever imagined how the world would be without Smart Phones? Probably a place where you would definitely not love to stay! That's exactly how the globe has witnessed a phase shift, wide enough to create a huge gap between consecutive generations. The rapid advancement in technology has taken a big leap which is evident from the fact that what exists today, did not even appear as an idea to people from just a few generations back.

The Smart Phone technology has completely taken over the world. Before a couple of years back, when mobile handset technology entered the market, it became more of a status quotient. While today, the same little gadget has become a necessity. What once used to be a symbol of luxury has turned into a bare essential now.

Currently, there are approximately 2.1 Billion subscribed smartphone users today. According to TechCrunch, by 2020 there will be over 6.1 billion smartphone users surpassing the fixed line subscriptions.

The mobile business could have gone down, had the Software Applications not been available for it to sustain in the market. These highly innovative Mobile Applications have pushed the growth of smartphone technology and proved to be a major reason why the business is blooming day by day. These apps are available in all the domains, be it Healthcare, Automobile, IT, Restaurants & Hotels, Leisure, e-Commerce, Aviation, and Dairy among other industries. These applications have largely been responsible for introducing automation in all these sectors and also affecting our lives as individuals who heavily depend on these apps for almost all activities ranging from chatting with friends or booking travel tickets till video calling with a person living miles away from us. Ever wondered how all this is possible with just a touch of a fingertip? If not, it hasn't been too late either. The concept of mobile apps has revolutionized the smartphone industry for some years now. Experts say, 2017 will be another big year where we could expect several awe-inspiring hi-tech mobile applications pitching in. Let's catch up what's coming our way this year.

1. Augmented Reality Appears 'Real'

Have you heard of the game Poke`mon Go? Sure enough if not played. This game set people running on their toes just to catch virtual creatures fondly called Poke`mon wherever your phone could trace one in your surroundings. This game, rather a well-built mobile application showed a glimpse of what Augmented Reality is all about and how it can be used to dwell within the real world. This technology has been trending as it has brought in a roundabout change in how people perceive and interact with their environment. The technology creates virtual objects that are digitally superimposed in the real world, the together making it all appear realistic as if the objects actually exist. While the Gaming industry is making the most out of this technology, other applications such as Barcode Scanners, Apple Spyglass, Google Glass, Google SkyMap, Quiver, and others have successfully infused Augmented Reality.

2. Instant Apps Keep It Short

Google recently announced Android Instant Apps and they are as instant as the name implies. The conventional Android Apps are required to be downloaded and then installed for further use. There are chances that these apps are not being used as frequently but stay there on your phone until you manually uninstall them. These apps then do not provide significant utility. Instant Apps, on the other hand, provide a shorthand view of Android Apps. They do not entail download or installation but run directly through a web browser. It also helps save considerable time and data gone into searching for apps. Instant apps give a temporary preview, as in, you use these for as long as you want and also run a specific part of an application that you wish to see. At present, the Instant Apps facility is available to selected users and on a few phones. The concept is still in pipeline and being tested for further improvement.

3. Artificial Intelligence Widens Scope

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the town for a long time now. It gained popularity when Siri (Responsive Personal Assistant) was introduced worldwide by Apple. Similarly, many apps are available in the market that has gone way ahead in minimizing human efforts by bringing about automation in almost everything. Earlier when AI was first introduced to the world, it wasn't accepted as largely as it was presumed. Through years of efforts and technical advancement, AI has finally been able to find its grip in mobile applications by facilitating Automated Reasoning used by Uber, Purchase Predictions used by Amazon, Recommendation Services used by Netflix, and Behavior Patterns used by Snap Travel Bot to name a few. There's no doubt, AI is something technical scholars and scientists will be looking forward to for further research and inventions.

4. Mobile IoT Is Everywhere

With the potential carried by IoT, it can easily be assumed that the telecom industry would earn great revenue. The integration of IoT with Mobile Apps is commanding another era in the digital world. Such integration incorporates interconnection of devices that will allow sharing of data to provide a unified experience to users worldwide. This involves working with complex mobile technologies supporting diverse platforms. IoT has made it possible to connect millions of devices and interfaces and interact with them. Businesses are making the most of this integration and flourishing by exploring various applications of IoT. Enterprises are also involved in designing applications like Wearable Connected Apps and Temperature Controlling Apps. While the Healthcare industry has been gaining notable benefits by developing applications for Disease Management, Wellness and Preventive Care.

5. Security Plays The Game

Talk about any software, platform, technology, or application, it is impossible to keep all of these intact until fully secured through strong security mechanisms. Over the years, security has always played a critical role while developing advanced applications. Various protective measures and data security algorithms are applied to keep away the intruders from stealing important data and manipulating with the application software. Now, the developers provide built-in security in smartphones so that users don't can take care of their private data easily. Apart from this, various apps are built specifically created to provide security mechanisms that are relatively difficult to break in. As the technical complexity of application grows, so does the difficulty in securing the apps. Therefore, while developing an application, it is essential to keep in mind that security is nowhere compromised and proper protective measures are taken for the same.

Wrapping up!

There's not even a bit of a doubt that mobile apps have made our lives seamless. We depend on these software big-time for all our daily activities. For every little task, we have numerous mobile applications available just a click away! While the above-mentioned trends will soon be surfacing in the coming months, it will be a treat to watch if they turn out to be as effective as promised. So let's wait and set our eyes glued on the top trends in mobile application coming up this year!

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