How to Harness the Power of IoT for a Smarter Living

How to Harness the Power of IoT for a Smarter Living

Amidst all the hullabaloo stirred up by the smart devices taking the technology epoch to another level, IoT is certainly the next big thing to talk! We are on the way to innovating devices that could minimize our efforts to accomplish tasks, or might even end up doing on their own! These smart devices and applications have brought a wave of revolution that is transforming the way how humans work and interact with their surroundings. Thanks to IoT, that has not only made it easy to connect with people and technology, but has also given us a greater control over all the corners of life- home, workplace, streets, and beyond. IoT is redefining the way of connecting smart devices with people and ordinary objects. The IoT application development has replaced the mundane, pass` objects with smart gadgets that can interact with us. There are a few life changing improvements that these smart devices are initiating.

The power of inter connectivity is derived from the underlying fact that these smart devices minimize the susceptibility to errors and allow us to manage things without fussing over.

We've stacked up a few of those blooming IoT ideas and products that are sure to lead you to a smarter, connected living!

1. Personalized Experience:

Using our smartphones as a connecting hub, we can directly connect to our home, turn on/off the lights, and lock the front door, as and when we command. Such IoT applications are already available in the market and we're likely to see more people buying the IoT devices in the coming years. Talk about Amazon Echo that easily interacts with you, play music and audio books, set alarms, provide real-time information on traffic and weather, and control a bunch of other devices- powered by the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant Alexa. Personal assistants like Alexa hold the potential to provide us with the best, personalized experience and help us make decisions faster and better.

2. More Awareness:

There are a lot of things in our life which do not pose much of a problem, or probably we do not sense them as worries that need attention. You might have at least once fret over the gas stove you may have left on or the front door you forgot to lock. But you couldn't do much when you're away at your office. Here, the smart appliances like a smoke detector and smart lock help in doing away with these worries. The Nest Protect smoke alarm alerts your phone when it detects smoke in your house or even a burning toast in your kitchen for that matter. The Nest Cam sends the recording of anyone who has entered your house in your absence.

3. Efficient Driving:

Large companies like Apple, Tesla, Uber, and Google are eyeing on a future where cars would be driving themselves and to see it coming soon, these corporates are investing money big time. These smart cars collect, analyze and act on a large number of data points to choose the right route and function aptly. These self-driving, smart cars are an IoT innovation in themselves. You can think of owning a smart car sometime soon that would self-diagnose problems or even call the police when it meets with an accident. Gartner suggests that there would be 250,000,000 connected cars out on the road by 2020.

Wrap up!

IoT devices and applications are doing way more than just simplifying our living and work experience. As they are emerging every fortnight, their growing numbers are hinting toward the world that would probably work on their demands rather than ours. IoT is uncovering a future that will mark another accomplishment for mankind in the history of innovation.

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