12 Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Mobile App

12 Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Mobile App

With the rise in entrepreneurship, there is a rise in competition to get your product to as many users quickly as possible. Initiatives like Startups India and Digital India have encouraged small businesses to aid themselves with innovative tools and technology for advancing their outreach to all types of their targeted user base. One of those primary tools is the availability of internet and mobile applications.

With a disruption in the smartphone industry, smartphone device users are at its peak. In 2018, if your business is not reaching customers through a mobile application on their smartphone, then you are missing out on a massive chunk of the consumer market.

The mobile app development services in India are growing to cater the ever increasing Indian and global mobile app users market. As per App Annie report, Indians downloaded more than 6 billion apps in the year 2017 leaving behind the USA market. Mobile apps are no longer a nice to have the commodity, but they provide access to information, productivity, innovation, and entertainment.

Reasons why your Business needs a Mobile Application

1. Accept the Mobile Age:

Mobile devices are here to stay. Based on a 2017 Litmus branding report, an average Indian mobile user spends 155 minutes/day on mobile apps. Statista reported a whopping 864.33 billion minutes/month were spent on mobile apps by users in the United States. The numbers prove that user engagement in mobile applications is nowhere near the end.

2. Gain Visibility to Customers:

As is proven by the time spent globally by users on mobile apps, it is the unique opportunity for companies to capitalize on this user share engagement model. Once traffic flows to your mobile application, it will become easier to propagate the number of users and build traction.

3. Involve in Product Innovation:

Mobile apps are a great way of determining user behavior. The analytics derived just out of app downloads, and uninstalls gives a lot of information on user choices. Mobile apps are also an excellent source of receiving user feedback in the form of app reviews. All these metrics drive a company to raise the quality of its product and always be investing in innovation to stay ahead of competitors.

4. Build an Explicit Marketing Channel:

One of the most significant benefits of apps is that information is at the user fingertips. It is an excellent medium for user outreach for new products, upcoming events, launches, and news.

5. Offer Value to your Prospects and Customers:

Mobile apps can target customers through their efficient and product-specific attractive designs. Many organizations hire dedicated developers from India while dealing with Indian companies to produce sleek designs and attract customers. Companies should be able to provide the value of the app in just a few clicks.

6. Enhance Customer Engagement:

After gaining customers, companies invest in continuous improvement and development of their app to increase user engagement with the product. Some methods to do so are: reduce difficulty in the app, the significance of the app should be demonstrated within minimum clicks, minimize customer disengagement by giving ad-free experience, improve quality by innovative designs, have quick loading and enable auto-upgrade permissions.

7. Increase your Website Traffic:

It is true that traffic towards the website can be increased by mobile apps. Set up push notifications to prompt users based on intelligent criteria which will drive the user to come back to the app. Promotional offers towards your products accessed through mobile apps will also send users to your website.

8. Open New Revenue Channels:

You can monetize your mobile apps by adding a price to it for downloads. Other revenue models can be in-app purchases and advertising.

9. Benefit from Word-of-Mouth Marketing:

Another advantage of having apps on a handheld device is that many people can access them at the same time through their own devices. If app users have incentives, such as referral programs, they are more likely to promote your app to other users and recruit them in using the app.

10. Become Independent of Location:

Websites often lock users to a place, because of non-portability and unavailability of the network to connect to. Mobile devices do not have this constraint. Because of competition between telecom providers, data rates have become reasonably inexpensive for mobile devices. Users regardless of their location can access their favourite game app or a healthcare application while doing shopping or when they are commuting on a train.

11. Stand Out from the Competition:

Even in this ever increasing mobile app market, it is not very common for small businesses in India to have a mobile application. Imagine your local grocery store launching their mobile application for ordering items. In routine you would be going to them, handing out a list of items and they would be delivering it at your place.

If they have a mobile application, local buyers can request items through the app. These local buyers would also be happy to refer and recruit other people to use this app to order items from this grocery store. In no time a small business can stand out from others in the same industry.

12. Build Customer Loyalty:

As much as it is easy to board customers to the app, it is difficult to have customer retention. If your app loses value for the customer, your app can be uninstalled with a single click. So, it is important to keep innovating and releasing new features in your apps. Customer feedback through reviews should be taken seriously to improve the app and the business operations.


The number of companies with expert mobile app developers in India is growing because of the increasing global need for mobile applications. Developed countries are outsourcing development projects to India, to cut costs for mobile development and still tap into the vast demanding market.

However, if companies worldwide still hold back from having new or innovative mobile apps developed for their businesses, it won't be long before they would be disrupted by their competitors.

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