6 Software Development Trends That Will Impact In 2020

6 Software Development Trends That Will Impact In 2020

Software development has been progressing day by day. Any progress and development bring with itself great code, ease of coding and bug-free application. With the hope of leveraging technology for the betterment of future, we have researched and have compiled a list of software development trends that will bring a significant transformation to the lives of humans by 2020. And this advanced technology trends can be made a reality by hiring dedicated developers from India.

Trend 1: Demand for Blockchain developers

If you think Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins is the only concept built using blockchain principal, then you may be mistaken. Experts have predicted that blockchain will destroy many industries over the time. There are significant companies in the technology world including IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon that offers enterprise-level platforms from blockchain.

With the increase in the number of blockchain programming, the demand for blockchain programmers will increase drastically. Any developer passionate about blockchain can enhance his/ her skills this will prove to be an excellent opportunity for any programmer and get a good salary if you have blockchain and cryptocurrency application development skills. Not only will the programmer even software Development Company who offers blockchain programming services benefit hugely because of the growing demand.

Trend 2: IT Security is about to take over

Hacking and cybercrime have become a primary concern especially for banks, e-commerce and every site that includes online transaction. There is no doubt these companies will appoint dedicated developers from India as they will be highly experienced and efficient. Over and over industry veterans have been emphasizing increasing the security aspects of website and application.

This calls for an urgent need for outsourcing the security of the enterprise level applications and websites to software Development Company in India or hire dedicated software developers. Programmers passionate about this part of online safe have a great chance of earning a handsome amount in any part of the world.

Trend 3: Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to be more dominant in the coming years. AI and Machine-based learning allow companies to build smart applications and software which gives you a better platform to better the customer support.

Over the period companies who do not deploy AL or Machine Learning based apps will find it more difficult to sustain in the market in comparison to those that use. According to a recent study, over 75% of software development companies will include AI in their code by the end of this year, and the usability will keep on enhancing over the period.

Trend 4: Backlash taking over DevOps toolchain

The backlash has become unavoidable because of the DevOps and its software development standards. Many developers have shown their grievance against this, and it is predicted that the software toolchain will take a back step.

In the coming years, there will be a huge demand from the developers to deploy an integrated approach in the development process. The reason being developers have to use various tools while programming and during the development lifecycle. Hence vendors will start offering integrated toolsets. This will be a great help for developers and enterprise level programming will move at a faster pace.

In the year 2017, developers voiced annoyance around using several tools to complete an entire development lifecycle. This dissatisfaction will turn to act in the year 2018 and both enterprises, as well as software developers, will start working on an advanced approach that will be expected to become picture perfect for multiple stakeholders involved in the development processes.

Trend 5: IoT comes into action

Wearable technology like Google glass, Apple watch have been drawing the attention of those tech enthusiasts. Since everything is being covered under the IoT system, everything that you could think of will turn into a data collecting device. The massive number of data demands a faster method of processing the data. This is how edge computing comes into the picture.

The new technology that will boom is collecting a vast data into microdata centres or at the edge of the network. Processing data on the side will save time and money. This ultimately increases the performance of the IoT devices. The future is dependent on IoT, and it becomes the priority. To maintain the huge data, database and network engineers will be called to support the infrastructure.

This calls for the need of edge computing as almost all the levels of IT infrastructure will be affected.

Trend 6: Virtual Reality would see new opportunities

Virtual Reality had taken over the media with high-end commercials available all over, and there is an increase in the usage of VR headsets, VR systems, and VR Gear, however, the adoption has been decidedly less than predicted.

Leading enterprises like Facebook and HTC have cut down the price on their flagship headsets. With the increase in demand both the companies introduced the headsets which are available at the lowest price.

The original standalone virtual reality systems have been in use which will be freeing the ordinary people from PCs, all types of wires, and phones. This modernization would boost the overall technology fortunes. The entertainment industry is expecting a lot of opportunities in the various streams of the development phase of the virtual reality.

Moving Forward

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