How Startups are Pushing their Limits for the Internet of Things

How Startups are Pushing their Limits for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the swiftest advancing areas in the IT industry. According to a report, it is predicted that by the year 2025, enterprises that will adopt IoT services comprehensively will be more lucrative than their competitors.

In the current scenario, multiple startups are challenging each other as well as big players to deliver the most excellent products and services that will assist in defining and molding the overall IoT market effectively. There are many growing companies that provide the hardware and software that empowers manufacturers and enterprises to build connected devices. Some of these are quality IoT app development companies developing innovative mobile apps using a mix of technologies.

Other companies provide tools and kits for building IoT devices and even advancing wireless charging abilities. These young startups are devising the required software and hardware to empower the connected systems and devices. All are remarkable for their innovative offerings that could gain broad recognition in near time.

The Full-sized Competition

Startups looking to generate a twinkle in the IoT domain have to anticipate dealing with a mix of industrial, technology, software and hardware heavyweights. The search giant Google got hold of a company called Nest, while large organizations such as IBM too have ruthless plans in this growing arena. Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, said at a conference of Business Insider, that the industrial internet would be worth trillions of dollars in the financial economy and he thinks it’s going to make over GE as an organization.

Others big companies like Honeywell and Samsung have invested hugely in building and buying their way into an outsized IoT presence. Countries like Singapore are seeing themselves as new digitalization hub and putting efforts to become a smart nation in the Industrial IoT space.

Even if the large organizations are investing big, industry specialists and entrepreneurs think startups have an excellent chance of success in IoT domain. They comprehend that IoT is an innovative business and technology arena where the agility of a startup allows it to pay better attention to market requirements. They can address the industry needs more swiftly and can bring razor-sharp expertise to stay ahead of the competition.

What is the Future Insights of IoT Services

The figures that pursue development of the Internet of Things technology are quite noteworthy as well. It is predicted that the IoT will transform into 30 billion objects by the year 2020. The worldwide market valuation of IoT will then reach-out to $7.1 trillion. Consequently, the approximation by 2032 would be that each person will be in daily contact with 2500 to 4500 connected customary items should not come as an astonishment.

How Mobile Apps and IoT go hand in hand

IoT has a more significant impact on mobile application development services and solutions. The Internet of Things technology has transformed diverse business verticals to the level that you cannot anticipate rewarding outcomes without taking into consideration this technology. IoT app development companies are changing the look of industries, be it retail, education, agriculture or an enterprise.

Let’s have a look at industries where startups have connected IoT and application development:


Internet of Things technology is transforming the online shopping experiences and made it more appealing. With technology integrations, IoT has empowered the retailers to monitor, track and engage users within the exposure area by conveying push notifications about the new deals, offers and different kinds of discounts. The technology will let the retailers fetch all the possible customer data and assist them in offering customized customer experiences.


Organizations are moving towards business advancements through IoT application development. It helps in connecting employees, systems, and other equipment which empower enterprises by having better productivity and cuts down the overall operational expenses. The technology has also influenced the communication run through without disturbing the security and safety.

Businesses and individuals can leverage from mobile applications build by IoT app development companies. They can automate multiple tasks, such as notify power establishments when a fire extinguisher in a building is stopped up or automatedly regulate a room’s AC.

Examples of enterprise objects that currently fit into the span of IoT comprise of connected security solutions, electronic appliances, thermostats, cars and more.

Internet of Things is making the developments of offering expert medical services and care swiftly. Mobile apps incorporated with wearable technology, let patients get their minute to minute health-related information sent to the doctors and other healthcare staff. Today, the patients need not be rushed to hospitals each time; a mobile application can assist in providing their needs in a crucial period.


IoT assists in all education based automation areas starting from wireless door locks to maintaining track of essential resources, building smarter lesson plans, getting better communication, designing secure and safe campuses and much more. Thus, IoT is helping in creating an innovative future in the education industry.


The technology has improved the perception of connected cars, which means the beginning of cars that will be able to carry out an assortment of processes on its own, with safeguarding.


IoT technology is also assisting the business areas like farming and agriculture sector. It is helping farmers with different conveniences like define soil moisture capacity, control usage of water and determine which of the fertilizers should be used in different conditions. In a few words, the technology is offering farmers the complete control over the devices connected to their farming activities and provide them relevant data insights to farmers for ever-increasing their productivity and so the total Return On Investment (ROI).

Key Takeaways

In the coming time, every organization and individual will demand the integration of IoT components into their applications to expand and have benefits in the future. This means startups with their technology-based services will influence the rising evolution in the diverse areas of Internet of Things with their innovation and expertise.

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