Top Platforms for Development of Your Next IoT Application

Top Platforms for Development of Your Next IoT Application

Today, many of the companies all over the globe have just been fascinated by the IoT. Also, you will be confused with the account that many across the world have already started with the IoT based applications for their business units. These businesses can decrease the workload and are gaining a smart internet environment using the IoT development services.

IoT application development

Internet of Things offers fresh opportunities from getting better to easing everyday life to producing effectiveness and setting core values for smooth business operations. The health monitoring, process tracking,  smart homes, use of advanced sensors and analytics to make intelligent decisions all use the influence of connected devices. The latent to make over the way we work is right here and initiating with the Internet of Things application development can twirl your ideas into the following immense things.

IoT has become an advanced technology

With these initiatives, IoT has turned as an advanced technology all over the universe and is in the #1 place when it comes to business technologies. Research study says, almost 43-45% of the businesses and top notch companies and organizations have already started using this advanced technology to rank #1 in the market.

So, before proceeding with the IoT applications development companies, or the platforms, we will first learn a brief on IoT platforms.

So, what are these IoT platforms?

IoT platforms are the rooms or the chambers for the components, accountable for the distribution of applications or software, which monitors, supervises and controls the connected gadgets or devices. To be more specific, they collect the data from the connected gadgets to manage them, so that the data is used in an authenticated and useful manner.

There are some IoT app developments companies which will help you create your IoT application easily and hassle-free. Let us know them.

1. Azure IoT Suite

Azure IoT suite is made of a collection of services which includes, Stream Analytics, IoT Hub, Machine Learning, Notifications Hub, and Power BI. It allows analysis and visualization of a large amount of data using the gaining surplus of devices and operating systems. This platform is known for its POC scalability to the broader distribution stage. Let us see some of Azure IoT suite’s features.
  • Data collection from devices
  • Analyzing data streams in-motion
  • Store and query large data sets
  • Visualize real-time as well as historical data and managing devices
You can transform your business in insightful, fresh ways – from mounting progression efficiencies to delivering enhanced customer experiences and creating new revenue streams.

2. IBM Watson

IBM Watson helps the developers to secure every type of device quickly which are connected already. It also enables the developers to have complete access connectivity, information management, real-time data management and analysis, risk and security management too.

This data which is a real-time data collected from the devices are managed and controlled first, and then it is configured and attached to the data services. The data is completely secured with the platform. Hence, you will find this platform as an integrated way to protect the security of the IoT application you are developing.

3. Amazon Web Services

We already know about Amazon. I don’t think; I have to tell you about Amazon and its services. It is the famous IoT development company all around the globe. It is very reliable, and it incurs a very low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Because of its scalability, it is used by thousands of businesses all around the globe.

These features, its cost-effectiveness, and flexibility make these platforms one of this best and the popular one for all the developers.

4. Oracle IoT

Oracle is one of the most popular platforms, in the technology world. It has already found its crucial place in the technology platform and the IoT application platform. You will be able to receive a plenty and flexible IoT network topologies and services. Not just this, it also offers a simulation of a virtual gadget or a device, stream processing, command and control, and management functionality.

Also, Oracle IoT allows users in a collection of data, securely from any of the gadgets in any market through technical extraction. It is pre-built and integrated with Oracle PaaS and with a premise application or the software with the open API’s. So it provides real-time data and significant data processing.

5. Kaa

It is the complete and a 100% open source IoT platform specially made for the developers. It provides a unique development for complete and end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. This IoT platform will fill your budget because of its rich toolkit feature. It is customizable also; you will get a personalized different business application. Not just this, it also offers easy and direct hardware integration for the developers.


The conclusion goes as these platforms mentioned above is the rapid transformation and technology innovation which has put some burden and pressure over the companies to run according to the current technology trends.

This opens a room for companies and marketplaces to explore different types of software and platforms to build and develop an application using these advanced platforms. You can choose any platform with the help of these. However, make sure you are selecting the right IoT development company to develop your application. It is very important!

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